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Hedge Fund Start up Strategies
Why Attend Hedge Fund Startup Forum
2014's Speakers Include
Michael Quinlivan COO & Founding Partner Argentiere Capital
Tushar Patel Managing Director HFIM
Paul Kneen Managing Director Abacus
Steve Lewis Head of Business Development Maples Fund Services
Expert contributions from
Ian Morley Chairman Wentworth Hall
Robert Oliver Chief Executive Officer Mondream
Marc de Kloe Alternative Investments Manager ABN AMRO Private Banking
Lior Derhy Head of Corporate Development NExT - La Francaise
Get Insight Direct from Investors

Come away from this event with a first-hand insight, directly from investors, into what they look for in a startup

Learn all you need to know about starting a hedge fund.

Cover everything from necessary regulatory compliance to successful marketing strategies.

Hear from 20+ Experts

Hear from a host of expert speakers. From leading investors, industry professionals and recent startup managers

Reduced Fee Places

If you are starting up a new hedge fund, are an emerging manager with less than $250 AUM or an investor into funds you may be entitled to attend this event for a reduced price

Hedge Fund Startup Forum 2014 - The conference for the next generation of hedge fund managers


Join our Hedge Fund Startup Group to network with those attending and get the latest updates from the forum

Gain all the information you need to start your hedge fund at the leading Hedge Fund Startup Conference

Designed with the aid of hedge fund industry veterans, this event has been put together to provide those looking to start a Hedge Fund with an in depth guide to setting up a fund and gaining investment.

View the latest Hedge Fund Startup Forum Conference agenda here.

Attend this event and come away with a first-hand insight, directly from investors, on the best strategies for gaining that crucial first round of investment:
  • Hear the experiences of Recent Startup Funds. Discover the mistakes they made and the tactics which were successful
  • Understand the Initial Startup Process, with key tips on setting up & running a business
  • Discover how Regulatory Compliance can help you Gain Investment
  • Determine which Fee & Fund Structures are the most efficient. What are investors looking for?
  • Hear how to take your Fund to the Next Level. Discover how  to move from a small startup to an institution
  • Learn how to Market your fund effectively. How to approach investors and put your story forward
  • Hear directly from Fund Investors on what they look for in a fund. What will make them invest and what will make them run away

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(updated 29 October 2014)

175+ attendees already confirmed for Hedge Fund Startup Forum Zurich, including:

  • SGGG Fexserv Fund Services Limited
  • International Capital Management AG
  • CM Capital Markets S.A.
  • BCM
  • Blue River Group AG
  • Mercuria
  • Co Vert Asset Management
  • Whitecross L P
  • Mora Banc
  • Albedo Capital
  • TMF Custom House Global Fund Services
  • ACT Currency Partner AG
  • Nascor Capital Partners
  • AK Jensen Limited
  • IDH Capital
  • Wilmore Finance Ltd
  • Typhon Capital Management
  • Laureola Advisors Inc
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund
  • Sovereign Asset Management
  • Rothschild Bank AG
  • Victor Buck Services
  • Preqin
  • ING
  • Dukre Asset Management SA
  • 4Finance Ltd
  • Syndex Capital Management Ltd
  • SIX Group
  • Howald Consulting
  • Watamar Asset Management A G
  • Kalipsy Volatility Hedge Fund
  • Asset Management Audit & Compliance SA
  • Reppline Capital AG
  • H E D Capital Management
  • Tortorici & Partners
  • Bluehive Capital
  • Dacharan
  • RCube Asset Management
  • Conservative Concept Portfolio MGMT AG
  • Meuleman COMMV
  • Saint Leonard Family Office
  • Kingdom Asset Management AG
  • Unique Consult Ltd
  • Ernst & Young AG
  • Abraham Investment Management
  • Tourmaline Europe
  • Blue Win
  • Systematic Absolute Return AG
  • DNA Partners Management Co AG
  • Blue River Partners AG
  • Deloitte Malta
  • Corepoint Capital AG
  • Swissmid LLC
  • Tom Capital AG
  • Mondream
  • TMS Arktos
  • Prelude Capital
  • Capital Hedge
  • OCL Capital LLP
  • Alestra Capital AG
  • Exalt Managed Futures Fund PTY Ltd
  • Tendance Finance
  • ITM Predictive Suisse GmbH
  • COO Connect
  • Blue Diamond Asset Management
  • ConvergEx
  • CBM Investment Management
  • Swiss Hedge Capital
  • Benady Cohen
  • Tiger Asset Management
  • Beneficious Investment Management
  • Castellain Capital LLP
  • Skenderbeg Alternative Investments AG
  • Capital Times Investment Company
  • SwissDirection Wealth Management AG
  • Aimed Capital
  • Quant Hedge
  • Arnova Investment Research AG
  • Purple Consultancy Ltd
  • TCMG Asset Management Ltd
  • Cardwell
  • Swiss Alpha GmbH
  • Eschler Asset Management LLP
  • Markit
  • YSL
  • Hassans International Law Firm
  • Capital Logic Investments Ltd
  • R&N Partners SA
  • Mako Global Investors
  • Gibralter Finance
  • T F A L Investments S A
  • Swiss Capital Alternative Investment A G
  • Swiss Capital Invest Holding Ltd
  • LGT Bank
  • Tindeco Financial Services AG
  • Three Rock Capital Management
  • Credit Suisse
  • Davinci Investments
  • Lennox Paton
  • D'Alembert Capital
  • Swiss Prime Site Development II KGK
  • Parenza Group LLC
  • Millel Capital Ltd
  • Da Vinci Invest AG
  • Instintell Institutional Investor Intelligence Ltd
  • Jersey Finance Ltd
  • Franklin Templeton Investment
  • QLAB Invest Switzerland AG
  • Sugarloaf Foundation
  • BNP Paribas Arbitrage
  • GTM Capital Management Ltd
  • SG Capital Management Pty Ltd
  • Tolomeo Capital AG
  • Beril AG Capital Management
  • Imperial College London Business School
  • Arete Caerus
  • Sequoia Asset Management S.A

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