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See Introduction to IFRS Distance Learning Certificate
IFRS Distance Learning


Course Coverage

Why choose distance learning


"Examples used help to explain the Standards really well."
Damon, Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Management UK LTD

"A lot of good examples and case studies"
Catherine Manum, DNO ASA

Enhance Your Career

Further your knowledge of IFRS and demonstrate your abilities to your employers. Gain a solid understanding of the requirements of IFRS accounting.

Case Studies & Practical Examples

Benefit from industry examples and real-life solutions to fully understand IFRS accounting. Take away successful solutions to implementing in your line of work.

No Need to Leave the Office

Save both time and money by letting us send the materials to you. As the course is delivered online you can study at your own pace.

Prove Your Knowledge

Our assessments will allow you to cement your understanding and further demonstrate your capabilities.

IFRS Distance Learning Certificate Course - Gain Accreditation and Work Remotely at Your Own Pace

Gain an Essential Understanding of
International Financial Reporting Standards

Specifically designed to assist financial reporting professionals further their careers. You will be able to learn in your own time without the need for travelling or time out of the office.

Gain your understanding through 8 core modules:

  1. Overview of IFRS standards, Mark-to-Market & Improvements under IFRS
  2. IAS 1 Presentation of Income Statement, Balance sheet & Cash Flow Statement
  3. Treasury Accounting, Financial Instruments & Fair Value/IFRS 7
  4. Consolidation/Off Balance Sheet
  5. Revenue Recognition & Accounting for Leases
  6. Share Issue, IFRS 2 & Pensions
  7. Non Financial Assets Accounting & Impairment
  8. Financial Instruments, Derivatives and Hedge Accounting

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(updated 14 April 2014)

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