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Who should attend Structured Commodity Finance 2014?

Who should attend our annual Structured Commidity Finance Conference

Attendees are:

  • Financiers
  • Producers
  • Insurers - Brokers and Underwriters
  • Traders
  • Hedge Funds
  • Law Firms
  • Other Commodity Specialists

Job titles include: 

  •  Global Head of Commodity Finance
  •  Head / VP of Structured Commodity Finance (SCF) Team
  •  Head of Commodity Derivatives
  •  MD, International Commodities
  •  Head of Commodity Trade Finance
  •  Head of Commodity Trading
  •  Global Head of Commodities
  •  Head of Agri-finance
  •  Head of Structured Trade and Commodity Finance
  •  Head of Global Capital Markets
  •  Head of Commodity and Trade Finance 
  •  Global Head of Trade Finance 
  •  Head of Trade Finance and Forfeiting
  •  Head of Soft Commodities
  •  Head of Agricultural Commodities  
  •  Head of Structured Trade and Export Finance   
  •  Head of Structured Trade Finance
  •  Head of Commodity Trading
  •  Head of Collateral Management
  •  European Equity Head of Dealing
  •  Head of Country and Credit Risk
  •  Head of Global Capital Markets
  •  Global Head of Trading 
  •  Trade Finance Manager  
  •  Senior Fund Manager
  •  Fund Manager
  •  President
  •  CEO 
  •  MD
  •  CFO 
  •  Partner, International Trade & Commodities Group 
  •  Partner, Trade Finance Team  
  •  Managing Director of Political Risk and Trade Credit
  •  Chief Underwriting Officer
  •  Head of Political Risk
  •  Head of Capital Markets

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(updated 22 May 2015)

Just some of the comments from past Structured Commodity Finance conference delegates

"Enjoyed the professionalism & knowledge of participants"
S. Rynhound