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Who should attend Structured Commodity Finance 2014?

Who should attend our annual Structured Commidity Finance Conference

Attendees are:

  • Financiers
  • Producers
  • Insurers - Brokers and Underwriters
  • Traders
  • Hedge Funds
  • Law Firms
  • Other Commodity Specialists

Job titles include: 

  •  Global Head of Commodity Finance
  •  Head / VP of Structured Commodity Finance (SCF) Team
  •  Head of Commodity Derivatives
  •  MD, International Commodities
  •  Head of Commodity Trade Finance
  •  Head of Commodity Trading
  •  Global Head of Commodities
  •  Head of Agri-finance
  •  Head of Structured Trade and Commodity Finance
  •  Head of Global Capital Markets
  •  Head of Commodity and Trade Finance 
  •  Global Head of Trade Finance 
  •  Head of Trade Finance and Forfeiting
  •  Head of Soft Commodities
  •  Head of Agricultural Commodities  
  •  Head of Structured Trade and Export Finance   
  •  Head of Structured Trade Finance
  •  Head of Commodity Trading
  •  Head of Collateral Management
  •  European Equity Head of Dealing
  •  Head of Country and Credit Risk
  •  Head of Global Capital Markets
  •  Global Head of Trading 
  •  Trade Finance Manager  
  •  Senior Fund Manager
  •  Fund Manager
  •  President
  •  CEO 
  •  MD
  •  CFO 
  •  Partner, International Trade & Commodities Group 
  •  Partner, Trade Finance Team  
  •  Managing Director of Political Risk and Trade Credit
  •  Chief Underwriting Officer
  •  Head of Political Risk
  •  Head of Capital Markets

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(updated 28 March 2015)

Just some of the comments from past Structured Commodity Finance conference delegates

"We found the conference to be of very good quality early this year"
Sandra Nolasco