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Shifting Capital Flows & Trade Patterns
Where will Industry Growth Come From?

For the credit & PRI market, there is increasing capacity, but less obvious business opportunities – the discussion will focus on how the current economic and political climate is impacting trade flows and the risk appetites of exporters and financiers of international trade, and how the PRI market can respond to this.

Managing the Trade Gap between Developed & Emerging Countries
ECA Policy Framework for Economic Promotion

The panel will discuss the current framework for international export credits, the objectives, constraints and innovations of ECAs and how policy and practice in this sphere is likely to develop over the coming years.  

Addressing the Impact of Sanctions

Discussion around how recent sanctions from the EU and US against Russia pose a unique problem for the PRI industry. What the legal implications are, and how this is being dealt with by underwriters, brokers and their clients

Insurance Product Trends & Innovations

• Financial Guarantees & Risk Participation
• Reinsurance as the Linchpin of the TC & PRI Industry
• Exporters’ Predictions for Trade in 2015
• Insuring Bank to Bank Transactions
• Product Innovation in Support for SMEs

Africa’s Energy Infrastructure Investment & Development

Opportunities for FDI in the short and medium term & analysis of associated risks

Capacity Building & Risk Sharing in Emerging Markets

A discussion of how ECA and development bank partners can work better together as financial partners in various markets under various risk structures, with the aim of maximising credit capacity for emerging markets and challenging countries  

Alternative Sources of Capital for Export Finance

Discussing the future of Export Finance as a commercial banking product, the impact of ECA policy, alternative investors and sources of capital and new mechanisms for catalysing liquidity

Economic Outlook for Key Countries & Trade Regions

With poor recent performance from many trade-dependent countries and economic weaknesses apparent in some important emerging markets, this session will examine how trade patterns are likely to evolve in coming years as well as addressing the potential impact of socio-economic factors such as the on-going Ebola epidemic

Revisiting the Role of ECAs & the Public-Private Debate

Given the very different cultures, structures and systems for ECAs and the private market, what should a framework for risk sharing /cooperation with the private insurance market look like?